You Asked for It!

Every spring, Parenting Safe Children introduces a new tool or campaign to help prevent child sexual abuse. I’m particularly excited about this new tool because you asked for it and you helped create it.

You told me you wanted additional support in having conversations with caregivers about your children’s body safety and boundaries. And now I’m happy to share that inviting caregivers onto your prevention team just got easier!

With the Parenting Safe Children (PSC) “Conversation-Starter Card,” you can confidently initiate conversations about your child’s body safety with all caregivers.

The front of the card offers language for starting a conversation about expectations, boundaries, and body-safety rules. The back of the card is for reference and gives facts about child sexual abuse along with safety tips.

You can use these cards when

  • Your child has a play date and you want to align expectations with another parent about body safety.
  • You’re in a hurried situation and want to get some basics across.
  • You’re speaking with a nanny, school administrator, teacher, coach, or counselor, and want to make sure you’re on the same page.
  • You’ve attended a PSC workshop and want to share what you learned with a friend or family member.

Carry the cards in your purse, car, pocket, or even fold a couple and put them in your wallet.

There are 25 cards to a pack, packaged in a resealable bag; instructions included. $10/pack + shipping. Order your ‘Conversation-Starter Card’ pack today because inviting caregivers onto your team is the cornerstone of prevention – and prevention starts with you!

Here are comments from some parents who provided input and trialed the card:

  • “What a fantastic tool: The ‘Conversation-Starter Card’ provides a clear path for discussions with caregivers.”
  • “We had one of the cards sitting on the counter when we had a new babysitter over and it led us into a great conversation about our body-safety policies.”
  • “The ‘Conversation-Starter Card’ lends professional credibility to my conversations (rather than ‘over-protective mom vibe’).”
  • “This card makes it easier to start conversations, and in two weeks I’ve gone from having 30% of my caregivers on our prevention team, to 50%!”
  • “I’m so glad to have this card, particularly because it will make “play-date conversations” easier.
  • “This card shows caregivers that there is a program out there that we are connected to, and this takes some of the pressure off of us and lends credibility.”
  • “The PSC ‘Conversation-Starter Card’ automatically makes it easier to bridge the conversation. Thank you.”

Yes, I want to order a pack of PSC ‘Conversation-Starter Cards’ today!




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