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There is so much great information out there on how to protect kids from child sexual abuse. And since we figured you’re, in all likelihood, too busy to comb the Internet and all the latest books for the best knowledge, we’ve done the hard work of compiling them for you here!

Remember to look at the Parenting Safe Children companion book, “Off Limits: A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse,” and its accompanying Conversation-Starter Cards. And be sure to subscribe to Feather’s blog — she constantly updates it with all the latest developments in the field!

Parenting Safe Children Resources

Recommended Reading

Books for Children on Prevention

Books and Resources for Adults to Read with Children on Pornography

Books and Programs for Parents on Talking with Kids About Sex

Books for Children & Teens on Sexuality Education, Sexual Development & Bodies

Children with Disabilities – Resources for Parents, Caregivers and Professionals 

Books for Children on Healing and Recovery

Books for Children on Feelings

Books for Adults on Healing and Recovery

Internet Safety Websites for Kids, Teens and Parents

Colorado Resources

Adult Survivor Resources – Child Sexual Assault

Support and Resources for Families After Child Sexual Assault

National and International Resources

Additional Parenting Resources

Need Help for Sexual Feelings for Minors?