PSC Launches Parenting Safe Children ONLINE Workshop

I am thrilled to announce the Parenting Safe Children Online Workshop, so parents and families across the United States and overseas have access to my popular program for raising children with strong body pride and for building communities that are off limits to child sexual abuse.

The New Online Workshop
Based on the Parenting Safe Children Workshop, which I’ve delivered live to thousands of parents, the Parenting Safe Children Online Workshop, focuses on these essential parenting skills:

  1. Teaching children about boundaries, privacy, and saying “No” to unwanted touch.
  2. Learning the difference between age-appropriate sexual behavior and problematic sexual behavior.Identifying when a child, teen or adult may be harming a child sexually.
  3. Teaching children about body pride through body-safety rules, teachable moments, and “What-If” games.
  4. Asking daycare, schools, youth organizations, and places of faith about key policies for keeping children safe from sexual abuse.
  5. Building confidence for talking about body safety with caregivers: Day care providers, teachers, babysitters, coaches, religious leaders, and members of your own family.

Pricing and Content
For an introductory $39.99, anyone outside of the Denver metro area can gain instant access to the Parenting Safe Children curriculum, which includes:

  • Three modules of learning from Parenting Safe Children founder and national child sexual abuse prevention expert, Feather Berkower, divided into short segments for easy access and retention.
  • Transformative videos, reading materials, and activities, available any time, day or night.
  • Ten-page download to support parents in applying body-safety concepts in their home and community.

Call to Action
With the Parenting Safe Children Online Workshop, we can reach parents, loved ones, and caregivers throughout the United States, and around the world like never before. This is a great day for parents and kids, so please join me in my mission of keeping kids safe by

  1. Registering today for the Parenting Safe Children Online Workshop, to which you’ll have 60-day access (from the date of purchase).
  2. Sharing this blog post and link with your friends and family so they can become part of your prevention team.

Accessing the course is easy:

  • Register at
  • Pay via PayPal or a credit card – Be sure to enter your discount code OFFLIMITS on this screen to get the course for $39.99 (regularly $44.99).
  • Begin the workshop, which you have 60 days to complete, from the date of purchase.

Thank you for all you do to keep children safe from sexual abuse!




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