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Parenting Safe Children: Pre-Recorded Online Workshops

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 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused by the age of 18. (contact abuse). 

But parents rarely talk about this, or think it won’t happen to their child — and people who sexually harm, exploit this complacency to harm children.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Child sexual abuse can be prevented!

Parenting Safe Children’s workshops will teach you how to better protect your children from being sexually abused.

You can do it at home on your own computer/device, whether alone or with your parenting partner, or even while hosting a group of people from your community, school, or other youth organization/program.

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Just register for our online workshop! You’ll get all the benefits of attending our live workshop, with a few extra perks:

  • Learn from the best: Parenting Safe Children’s renowned and research-based workshop curriculum, presented by PSC Founder, nationally acclaimed parent educator, and prevention expert Feather Berkower.
  • Self-paced: whether you sit through four hours in one go or space it out over eight weeks at which time the subscription expires, you can set the pace and go through the workshop as quickly or slowly as you want! You have 60 days to complete the workshop from the date of purchase.
  • Extra Materials: in addition to the presentation, you will gain access to plenty of downloadable resources and games (to help you practice with your family).
  • Certificate of Completion: awarded upon finishing the workshop.

Pre-Recorded Online Workshop Curriculum

  1. Parent Education
    You will learn what makes children vulnerable to sexual abuse.
    “Who do adults who sexually harm target and why?”
    “How do adults who sexually harm “groom” children and adults?”
    “What are the warning signs that a child, teen, or adult may be harming a child sexually?”
    “What is the difference between age-appropriate sexual behavior and problematic sexual behavior?”
  2. Caregiver Screening
    You will learn how to invite caregivers onto your Prevention Team™.
    “How can you start building a Prevention Team™ so all of your child’s caregivers are working with you to keep your child safe?”
    “How might you discuss rules and expectations with other parents before play dates and sleepovers?”
    “What questions can you ask when you hire a babysitter or leave your child with family members?”
    “What questions might you ask personnel when enrolling your child in a sports program, participating in the faith-based program, or meeting with a tutor?”
    “What basic policies ought to be in place to keep schools, places of faith, and youth organizations off limits to sexual abuse?”
  3. Child Empowerment
    You will learn body-safety rules to teach your children.
    “What is the rule of boundaries and privacy in keeping kids safe?”
    “Why is it important to distinguish between secrets and surprises?”
    “How do you teach children manners yet also empower them to say “no” in a compromising situation?”
    “How do you give children choices about showing affection?”
    “How can you seize ‘teachable moments’ to reduce vulnerability?
    “How can body-safety rules be applied to the Internet?”

Pre-Recorded Online Workshop Registration

It’s easy to register for a Parenting Safe Children workshop!  

  1. Go to the PSC Shop and select the course,
  2. Choose the number of users,
  3. Pay via PayPal. 

Upon completing payment, you can log into the course using the form on this page.

Your login credentials are the email address and password you entered while purchasing access.

Parenting Safe Children online workshops cost $59.99 for 1-2 users. The larger the group participating in the online workshop, the lesser the cost. Please contact us for details.

Access to the workshop is non-transferrable and expires 60 days from the date of purchase.

For more information, review Frequently Asked Questions, contact us, or call 303-931-5782. See below for the Workshop Curriculum and online workshop Cancellation Policy.

‟Feather has spent her life educating society about ways to keep children and teenagers safe from sexual abuse. Her wisdom and experience is available to you in these workshops.”

– Marilyn Van Derbur, former Miss America 1957, incest survivor, and motivational speaker.

Parenting Safe Children Pre-Recorded Online Workshop Cancellation Policy

Upon registering through our online system, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder. If you still don’t see a confirmation email, please contact us or call 303-931-5782. 

Access to the online workshop is limited to eight (8) weeks from receipt of payment.

Registration fees for Parenting Safe Children Pre-Recorded online workshops are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Parenting Safe Children is unable to credit or refund your registration fee for any reason; moreover, your registration fee cannot be transferred from one access window to another, nor from one person to another. If you cannot complete the workshop within the eight (8)-week access window, you forfeit your registration fee.