Five Halloween Safety Tips

As you gear up for Halloween, remember that child sexual abuse is usually committed by someone the child knows and trusts – not by a stranger. Thus Halloween is yet another opportunity to invite other parents and caregivers onto your prevention team and a good time to reinforce your child’s body-safety rules.

Here are five quick tips:

Halloween Tips

  1. For older kids, find out exactly with whom they are going out trick-or-treating and stay in close communication via text or voice, with an agreed upon arrival time back home.
  2. If your child is going to a Halloween party, find out who is supervising, and discuss your child’s body-safety rules with those adults.
  3. Accompany younger children and children of mixed ages on the trick-or-treat route. Walk younger children to the door.
  4. Review your child’s body-safety rules.
  5. Remind children that you are available to come pick up them up and that you will never be mad if your child breaks a body-safety rule.

Have a fun safe Halloween!






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