Building a Prevention Team™ – it’s easier than you think.

By Feather Berkower, MSW
November 19, 2019

Dear Parenting Safe Children Community,

If your child had a peanut allergy, you would take the time to talk with all of their caregivers about the peanut reaction and how to prevent an episode. Child sexual assault is far more prevalent, yet parents struggle with speaking up to prevent it because they don’t know how to start the conversation or are nervous/uncomfortable that they will be perceived as “high maintenance.”

I would like to help parents overcome these barriers by providing practical tools for having conversations with caregivers. If every parent speaks with every person, with whom they leave their child – about boundaries and body-safety – our children and communities will be safer.

I know I’ve done my job when you wake up tomorrow morning and invite one caregiver onto your prevention team by having a conversation
about your child’s body safety. Please download this new free tool from Parenting Safe Children: Building a Prevention Team™ of Caregivers.

Thank you.

Feather Berkower, MSW, is Founder of Parenting Safe Children and a Child Sexual Assault Prevention Educator & Author






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