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  • Seizing Teachable Moments

    We’ve started a new weekly series on Facebook about Teachable Moments, those precious opportunities when a child says something that opens the door to inquiry and education. Check out

  • “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

     — Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Making Noise for Kids in 2013

    In the child sexual abuse prevention community, the story that rocked 2012 came out of Penn State. On this university campus, home to the legendary Nittany Lions, we witnessed the profound failure of an institution and its highest and most visible leaders to protect children. And while this story broke in the press and played…

  • Your Top 10 Questions About Body Safety!

    1. At what age should I begin talking with my kids about body-safety? It’s never too early to start talking with children about body safety, as long as the information is age-appropriate and presented without fear. For example, when you’re bathing your 18-month-old daughter, you might say: “Mommy is cleaning your back and your legs.…

  • My Daughter is Empowered and I’m Proud of Her!

    “We had a proud, wonderful experience with our very shy daughter, who is in kindergarten. Our daughter has been participating in a national competition. During one of the regional events, there was a spontaneous problem-solving competition, and the parents were asked to wait outside. I felt okay about this because my daughter’s coach, one of…

  • Lessons from Penn State

    Sandusky and Penn State have come to represent complete individual and institutional failure on behalf of children. This tragedy also presents us with an enormous teachable moment. Here are some lessons to consider. Be wary of hero worship. We cannot honor a person’s stature, position, or notoriety at the expense of children’s safety. Sandusky and…