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When you need professional advice . . .


Parenting Safe Children can help you implement policies, practices, and training that protect the children in your care from sexual abuse. With sound policies and monitoring, you can mitigate risk, build an organization that is “off limits” to sexual abusers, and do your part in keeping children in your community safe.

  • Policy Review – Do you have sound policies in place to keep the children in your care safe from sexual abuse?
  • Professional Phone Consultations – Do you need advice or support regarding behaviors of concern, either children in your care, or staff?

Policy Review

All members of an organization are responsible for keeping children safe from sexual abuse. We work with schools and youth organizations to review current policies or develop new policies on child sexual abuse prevention. As a matter of due diligence, policy areas address how your organization:

  • Screens job candidates and staff
  • Defines the appropriate and inappropriate touch of children in your care
  • Monitors day-to-day Interactions between staff and children and between youth
  • Recognizes the signs of child sexual abuse
  • Recognizes behaviors of concern
  • Reports concerning behavior, in accordance with mandated and ethical reporting responsibilities
  • Monitors child sexual abuse prevention policies

Cost: $150/hour (email, in-person, phone, or combination). For more information, Email Feather.

Professional Phone Consultation

If you have questions regarding behaviors of concerns – with children or staff – consider a professional consultation. Here are some examples of the kinds of situations program administrators call me about:

  • Questions about age-appropriate language and play between children
  • Concerns that children in your care are engaging in sexual behavior with each other
  • Concerns that an older child or teen is behaving inappropriately with a child in your care
  • Concerns about staff behaving inappropriately with children
  • Questions about reporting responsibilities

Cost: $150/hour. For more information, Email Feather.



Yes, I want to invest 3.5 hours and $53.75 to keep my children safe from sexual abuse!

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