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I’ve trained 40,000 parents and professionals to help keep children safe from sexual abuse, but it’s the hosts who are the heroes—the women and men who make Parenting Safe Children workshops happen in their community by inviting friends, by urging day care centers and schools to host, by encouraging congregations to become prevention partners, by inviting businesses to sponsor workshops at work, and so forth.

Please, be a hero and host a Parenting Safe Children Workshop. It’s a rewarding experience—knowing that you’re making a significant contribution to keeping your child, home, and community off limits to sexual abuse. Plus, as a host, you receive two free guest passes and a copy of my book: Off Limits: A Parent's Guide to Keeping Kids Safe From Sexual Abuse.

You can host a workshop at a school, business, church, synagogue, athletic club, or daycare center—just about any place that can comfortably accommodate a minimum of 35 attendees, up to 50+. (To schedule a Parenting Safe Children workshop outside the Denver, Colorado Metro area or to schedule a professional in-service, please Email me about minimum participant requirements and travel costs.)

Once you choose to be a host, I will send you a "Be a Hero and Host" packet which has all of the materials you will need to promote the workshop among your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. If you are interested, Email me or call 303-931-5782.

Thank you!


From PSC Hosts:

If I could, I would host a Parenting Safe Children workshop every day until all adults in my community had the information and tools to advocate well for the children in their lives.”


“I host because the more people who are educated about child sexual abuse, the safer our kids and the safer our communities.”



Yes, I want to invest 3.5 hours and $53.75 to keep my children safe from sexual abuse!

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