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Off Limits: Keeping Kids and Teens Safe from Sexual Abuse

Testimonials for PSC Starter-Conversation Cards

“What a fantastic tool; the ‘Conversation-Starter Card’ provides a clear path for discussions with caregivers.”

“We had one of the cards sitting on the counter when we had a new babysitter over and it led us into a great conversation about our body-safety policies.”

“The ‘Conversation-Starter Card' lends professional credibility to my conversations (rather than 'over protective mom vibe').”

“This card makes it easier to start conversations and in two weeks I’ve gone from having 30% of my caregivers on our prevention team, to 50%!”

“I’m so glad to have this card, particularly because it will make “play-date conversations” easier.

“This card shows caregivers that there is a program out there that we are connected to, and this takes some of the pressure off of us and lends credibility.”

"The PSC ‘Conversation-Starter Card' automatically makes it easier to bridge the conversation. Thank you.”

Testimonials for Off Limits

"Off Limits: A Parent's Guide to Keeping Kids Safe From Sexual Abuse has been a constant shoulder to lean on when I need a reminder about how to weave in body- safety language with my kids. I also refer to it prior to asking those crucial screening questions to our care providers. I love that I don't have to memorize all of the empowering lessons I learned in the Parenting Safe Children workshop...I can just refer back to the book anytime. And I have done so many, many times!
- Cary, Mom, CO

“Very informative. I regret not having read this information before raising my children. Children don't always have the words to tell adults in their lives what is going on. We need more help like this to help them.”
- Debbie
“Few books impact your life in a way to create lasting change; even fewer empower you to create lasting change in the life of someone else. A must-read!”
-Parent of Three

“I attended the author's workshop and then bought the book. I seriously think every parent needs to read this. It teaches body safety rules and our 3 year old already understands the body parts and what is appropriate and not appropriate touch. I can almost guarantee that after you read this book and work with your kid(s) on the body safety rules, they will no longer be targets for child predators.”
- H. Lippert

“The information in this book at first was hard to take in, but the more I read, the more empowered I became around raising my daughter to be "off limits" to sexual predators. To be able to teach your kids tools that will serve them in their entire life - safe, secure boundaries and healthy relationships - this is so valuable!! I realized how many of these skills I have had to learn as an adult, and what I wouldn't give to have had adults around me who understood these concepts and taught me when I was a child.

If you have any contact with ANY children, please read this book and start the process of making ALL children off limits to sexual predators.”
- Jennifer L. Hardee

“This parenting book is about so much more than preventing sexual abuse. It is about empowering your children to follow their gut and instinct, teaching them about privacy and their bodies, and encouraging them to be their own best advocate.”
- Lisa Hall, M.A. Psychotherapist & Mother of 2 Boy


A passionate speaker and published author, Feather has dedicated her life to keeping children safe from sexual abuse. More

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