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Keeping Children Safe from Sexual Assault — In Your Community


Parenting Safe Children is an organization with one goal: to eliminate child sexual assault from our communities. 

And we want to start what could be the most important conversation you could ever have as a parent.

It’s also one of the most difficult — if not the most difficult — subjects to talk about. But considering how dangerous, and how common, child sexual assault is, we owe it to our children to do whatever it takes to protect them from it.

Did you know that 1 in 10 children will be sexually assaulted before they turn 18? We think that’s 1 in 10 too many.

But we also think — we truly believe — that we can protect our kids, and we can rid child sexual assault from our communities.

But it starts with us: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, coaches, principals, clergy, counselors, caretakers… if we have a child in our care, then it is our responsibility, as adults, to protect children from sexual assault.

It is on us to create environments that are safe and take the burden of responsibility off of kids. Yes, it’s important that children have information and learn protective skills, but they shouldn’t have to protect themselves. That is our job.

But where does one even start? That part’s simple: you start right here, with Parenting Safe Children.

We offer workshops, consultations, and other resources to empower you, whether you’re a parent or professional, to protect the children in your life.

We invite you to learn more about preventing child sexual assault by scrolling down, or clicking on any of the menu links on top of your screen.

What's New

Welcome to Parenting Safe Children’s brand new website! We hope this new site is more accessible and easy-to-use for you. Please let us know your thoughts on our new site by completing this quick survey — your feedback will help us improve our site for you and for future visitors. Thank you!

From the Blog

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

It’s Back to School season again!. This is a time of growth, excitement, and renewal (some would even say starting over) for so many families — so what better time for Parenting Safe Children to launch a new website?

Starting today, you can access our new “beta” website at www.parentingsafechildren.com and see the difference for yourself. What’s changed?

Well, one thing remains the same: you’ll still have access to the same acclaimed and proven resources on child sexual assault prevention as before… Read More

These are five-star, must-attend workshops.

– Marilyn Van Derbur, former Miss America 1957, incest survivor, and motivational speaker.

Our Workshops

Feather at Workshop

The Parenting Safe Children Parent workshop uses a three-part prevention model developed over three decades in the field.

  1. Parent Education
    You will learn what makes children vulnerable to sexual assault.
  2. Caregiver Screening
    You will learn tools and techniques for inviting caregivers onto your Prevention Team™.
  3. Child Empowerment
    You will learn ten body-safety rules to teach your children.

The Parenting Safe Children Parent workshop is a lively four-hour workshop and costs $53.75 per person, materials included (rates may vary outside of Colorado). For more details please visit our workshop page or consult our FAQs. We hope you’ll join us for a live workshop — or an online workshop if you live outside of the Denver Metro area. You can also Be a Hero and Host!

Private Consultations

Woman on PhoneIf you aren’t able to attend a workshop, prefer a more private setting, or are a professional who works with children and are wondering if you have sound child sexual assault prevention policies in place, you can also book a private consultation.


Image of a family reading a book

Need more information? There are tons of resources and literature out there on child sexual assault prevention and healing. Whether your goal is prevention, healing, or empowerment, we’ve collected the best books, websites, and other resources for both families and professionals.


Over 50,000 parents, educators, and caregivers around the country have become empowered, through Parenting Safe Children, to protect the children in their lives from child sexual assault.
We could just tell you about how valuable the information we provide is, and how much our clients love us (and, in fact, we do tell you).
Or, we could let the caretakers we’ve empowered tell you instead — in their own words.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have questions for us? Please check our FAQ document; we’ve got plenty of answers there! And if you don’t find your answer, no worries! We are always available through email.

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About Feather

Meet the woman who started it all!

Parenting Safe Children’s founder, Feather Berkower, LCSW, has dedicated her career to helping parents and educators nationwide to protect their children from child sexual assault.

Now, through Parenting Safe Children, her life’s work continues to empower people to protect the children in their lives.

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